The California Desert Association of REALTORS® uses Supra for all lockbox and lockbox entry needs. Supra is known for providing agents with a secure and dependable way of accessing and showing listing properties. Supra also provides agents with information on their listings in a timely manner.

Currently CDAR provides support and installation for the eKEYs only. We no longer issue nor support the handheld ActiveKEYs. To activate your eKEY, please contact the CDAR office or stop in during business hours. The process takes between 10-15 minutes.

Supra Technical Support

Agent Support: 877-699-6787 (5 am – 7 pm Pacific time, seven days a week)

E-mail support


Supra offers a way for agents to manage their key online through the SupraWEB portal. In the portal, you can get your showing activity, manage all of your lockboxes, pay your bill and more. For more information on how to access the SupraWEB portal, here are a few quick links to help.

Supra eKEY

The eKEY is Supra’s application that allows access to the Supra lockboxes. This application is installed on your mobile device. If you need to have the key installed on your phone, please contact the CDAR office and we can assist with that process. Please be aware that the newest version of the eKEY requires either Apple iOS 10 or greater, or Android OS 5 or greater.

For more information about the eKEY and resources related to the eKEY, click on the link here to access Supra’s resource portal.