2025 Board of Directors Election

The application period has ended and it’s time to announce the slate of candidates for the 2025 Board of Directors & Officers Election! Our full slate of candidates, along with their candidate statements, can be found below. Some important dates to keep in mind…

  • The 2024 Candidates Forum. Meet the 2025 candidates for the Board of Directors election either in-person or via Zoom at our 2024 Candidates Forum. This event is our June General Membership Meeting and occurs on Thursday, June 13th from 8 AM to 9:30 AM, with check-in and breakfast at 8 AM and official meeting start time of 8:30 AM. This is a hybrid meeting and we are taking both forms of RSVPs. Click the link above to RSVP, or click here to register!
  • The 2025 Board of Directors Election Voting Period. Voting begins at Thursday, June 13th at 11 AM and concludes on Thursday, June 20th at 11 AM for the 2025 Board of Directors election. Eligible CDAR REALTOR® members will be able to cast their vote during this time. Voting instructions will be sent out prior to the voting period, and voting will be conducted via SurveyMonkey, as it has been for the previous years.
  • CDAR Election Voting Instructions – A Tutorial Video. With the voting polls opening on Thursday, June 13th at 11 AM, we have created a video to show you how to cast your vote in the upcoming election. We ask that you please watch the video ahead of our upcoming election:

The Candidates for the open positions on the Board of Directors are as follows (click on the candidate names below to read their candidate statements, or scroll down to read all statements):


Stephen Burchard
Serena Leiterman


Mike Jeppson
JJ Siquot


Jared Dineen Shanstrom
Andrew Kearney
Paige Maccio
Juan Martinez
Brandy Nelson
Alan Sarrail

For full candidate statements, please see below.


With a robust foundation in leadership and a unique blend of creativity and strategic insight, I humbly present my candidacy as the CDAR 2025 President Elect. My commitment to our association is demonstrated through continuous involvement in various influential CDAR committees, starting from membership in the Grievance Committee in 2019, progressively moving to vice-chairing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Strategic Planning and Finance (SPF) Committees.

Throughout my tenure, I have consistently contributed fresh, unbiased perspectives to discussions, ensuring that all facets of an issue are considered. My attentive listening and constant eagerness to learn have been fundamental in guiding my service and in bringing about substantial achievements, such as the leadership role I played in securing a $50,000 Housing Affordability Grant in 2021.

My vision for CDAR is clear-cut: to establish our association as the Association of choice for the Coachella Valley. Drawing from my experience as a Residential & Commercial Broker, REALTOR®, and as a mentor, coach, and trainer, I plan to inject vitality, inclusiveness, and innovative solutions into our organization’s beating heart.

My aspiration is to lead CDAR towards a future where it is not only recognized for its professional excellence but also for its encompassing support for every member fostering an environment where everyone thrives.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve with dedication, ambition, and an openness to all voices, to steer CDAR into an era of unparalleled growth and opportunity.


Our industry is under threat, and we have been let down by our leaders. Change starts at the local level. I am committed to focusing on members’ needs while ensuring transparency and accountability in our spending to benefit all members rather than just a few. As we look to the future, we must lead with our core values in mind. Promoting growth requires cultivating a welcoming, inclusive, and kind culture, moving away from a country club mentality. We must critically evaluate our events and offerings to ensure we deliver high value to members and not simply do what has always been done. Our members deserve dynamic and timely education, tools, and communication to succeed, and I am committed to providing these resources.

As a top-producing Realtor and 2023 CDAR Realtor of the Year, I have dedicated myself to our profession and community. My leadership journey includes roles as CDAR Director, Strategic Planning and Finance Committee Member, 2023 Young Professional Network Chair, CDAR Leadership Academy Graduate, Leadership Academy Vice Chair, and current Director at the California Association of REALTORS. I have also served as a past board member and 2023 Vice President for the Coachella Valley Chapter of the National Hispanic Organization of Real Estate Associates.

Now is the time to embrace the change that is already underway. I ask for your support and vote as we strive to bring renewed vibrance to CDAR. I envision a future where CDAR is a beacon of excellence in the real estate industry and our local community. I am ready to lead us toward that future.


My name is Mike Jeppson and I am running for Treasurer. I believe I am a strong candidate for this position based on my leadership experience and desire to be of service to the California Desert Association of Realtors. Over the past several years I have sat on multiple committees and task forces in both member and chair positions. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve at an even higher level. I am committed to the future of the association and bring a strong level of knowledge and motivation to the table.



Serving, leading, and building have been the cornerstone of my tenure on the CDAR Board as a Director. It has been a privilege to support our dedicated professionals through leadership on the board and various committees. If elected Treasurer in 2025, my ongoing focus will be on fostering member engagement and facilitating growth within our community.

Hailing from Argentina, I am deeply grateful for how my real estate career and experiences in the Coachella Valley have enriched my life. I am committed to giving back to both with unyielding passion and professionalism. Receiving the 2022 REALTOR® of the Year award from our association fills me with immense pride, a testament to the dedication I bring to this field.

Your vote is not just a vote for me but a renewal of the commitment to all hardworking professionals like yourself. Together, we can continue to elevate our industry and create opportunities for growth and success. Thank you for considering me for the Treasurer position on the 2025 CDAR Board of Directors. Let’s build a brighter future for our community and our profession.


I’m running for the position of board of Director of CDAR, because I want to be an agent of change. I believe it’s important to be involved in our industry if we want it to continue to be successful, and that we must be proactive in guiding our industry through the dynamic changes it faces. I am excited for the opportunity to contribute my experience to our association. Having served on both the MLS and Government Affairs committees, I’ve gained unique insight and understanding of the issues impacting our profession. As a participant of CDAR’s Leadership Academy, I’ve further enhanced my knowledge of the industry and I’m ready to implement the experience I have at my disposal to represent our members interests.

CDAR is the foundation of our real estate community in the Coachella Valley, its influence can be seen through our region and beyond, shaping policies, fostering relationships, and driving excellence in our industry. If elected as Director, I pledge to advocate for the collective voice of our members, back initiatives that promote sustainable growth, and uphold our current standards of integrity, ethics, and professionalism. With your support we can navigate the changing real estate landscape with confidence. I am honored to stand for this position and thankful for your support in this endeavor.


I am asking you to vote for me for Director of the California Desert Association of Realtors (CDAR) for 2025-2026.

Real estate is a huge passion in my life. This passion combined with being a Coachella Valley native and life-long resident makes being a Realtor® here a dream. Early on in my career, I gained great appreciation for the local, state & national REALTOR® associations that work daily to keep the REALTOR® organization successful and strong. I learned that giving back to the profession where I earn my living is very important to me.

The size, complexity & functionality of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and California Desert Association of Realtors is an amazing testimony to the years of hard work, debate, compromise, and dedication of many past and present members.

Many members do not understand what C.D.A.R. does and all the services it offers. As Director for C.D.A.R., I would like to clearly identify ways the programs, products and services can be more effectively communicated to our members. Cohesive relationships, new attitudes and strong motivation will ensure continued success for C.D.A.R.

My goal is to maintain, expand upon and promote the high caliber REALTOR® representation that is currently provided by our organization.


Dear Members,

I am running for the 2025 Board of Directors position to contribute to our association growth. I have many years of experience with several different associations and committees, and I aim to bring fresh perspectives and advocate for our profession. If Elected, I will prioritize collaboration, transparency, and diversity while also educating how we can adjust to the changes that are forthcoming. I believe in fostering an inclusive environment where every voice is heard.

By promoting equality and accountability, we can strengthen our community and achieve our goals. I am committed to serving you and ensuring a bright future for our profession.


I am a 47-year-old Real Estate Broker and the proud owner of my own company, JM Desert Real Estate Inc. I have consistently demonstrated professionalism and expertise in my field, earning the respect of my peers and clients alike. My commitment to providing top-notch service is evident in the success of my business.

My focus as candidate is to commit to reinforced equality and diversity within our association, respecting every member’s perspective and making them feel valued, respected and empowered.



I have been a dedicated member of our local real estate community in the Coachella Valley for almost 20 years. With a passion for excellence, a commitment to integrity, and a vision for innovation, I am eager to serve on the board to help elevate our profession.

With my vast and diverse experience in the real estate industry, I have gained valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that agents and brokers face daily. I am a team leader and my business includes residential, commercial, foreclosures, leases, etc.

I have served on many boards over the years such as YPN, Women Council of Realtor’s, NAHREP, NHORA, NAWRB, etc. As well as taking part in many organizations as a member like AREAA, NADP, CDPE, CCIM, etc.

The real estate landscape is continually evolving, and it is crucial that our board remains at the forefront of these changes especially with the new challenges our industry is facing.
I am deeply invested in our local community and believe in the importance of giving back.

With your support, I am confident that we can achieve great things and ensure a prosperous future. I humbly ask for your vote and the opportunity to serve as your Board of Directors.

Thank you.


We are facing a pivotal point in the industry. Over the next few years critical decisions around the fate of our profession will be made that will affect many agents and our livelihood. With over 15 years in the industry, I have involved myself in many different aspects of the association; chairing multiple committees and serving on several others I have consistently stood for increased standards and better education for all REALTORS®. I look forward to serving the association members at a high level as we move through a time where every decision matters.