CDAR Path to Homeownership



The application period will re-open for the CDAR Path to Homeownership program on Monday, January 10 at 9 AM! As an approved applicant fell out of escrow, we will re-open the application period.

Path to Homeownership – English Application

Path to Homeownership – Spanish Application

The links to apply will go live on January 10, 2022 at 9 AM. Path to Homeownership funds available are first-come, first-serve and will be awarded until depleted. Please note that we have only one grant left to be awarded at this time. For more information on the program and for qualifications, please scroll down to the Qualifications entry on this page.

Helping to Achieve the Dream of Homeownership…

The California Desert Association of REALTORS® is proud to announce the launching of the Path to Homeownership program. This program will assist first-time homebuyers with a $2,000 grant for closing costs and down payment assistance on their new home purchase. Applications will be available starting June 1, 2021 for the program. Those who qualify should speak to their California REALTOR® for assistance in applying for the program. The grant money available through the Path to Homeownership program is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and will continue to be awarded until all available funds have been depleted.

Program Re-Launch (as of January 10, 2022)

We now have two grants left to be awarded through the CDAR Path to Homeownership grant program. You can apply on behalf of your qualified first-time homebuyers who meet all criteria and submit all required document via our Path to Homeownership page. These grants are available only on a first-come, first-served basis to those that qualify and submit all documents required. Once the remaining two grants have been awarded, applications will no longer be accepted.

The following criteria must be met for the remaining grants through the CDAR Path to Homeownership program:

  • Applicants must meet all criteria for the program as listed in the Qualifications section. Any application that does not meet the base requirements of the program will not be considered
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must be submitted in full, with all required documentation:
    • copy of lease agreement or letter explaining living situation
    • detailed lender letter with DU approval
    • letter from lender verifying applicant is first-time homebuyer
    • buyer closing estimate from escrow
    • loan estimate from escrow
  • If you submitted an application prior to the January 10th application re-opening date, you must re-submit your application in full through the application portal. Prior submitted applications will not be considered
  • Applications will only be accepted sent via the application portal. Any applications or documentation sent outside of the application portal itself (i.e. sent to CDAR staff) will not be considered

Program Information

CDAR was awarded a grant from the California Association of REALTORS® Housing Affordability Fund, which allowed us to create the Path to Homeownership program. Our program is designed to assist first-time homebuyers in achieving the dream of homeownership by providing $2,000 grants to qualified purchasers for them to use for down payment assistance or closing costs. The available grants will be awarded to qualified recipients until the funds have been depleted.

Program Qualifications

To apply for the Path to Homeownership, buyers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Applicant must be a first-time homebuyer.
  • Homebuyers must use a California REALTOR® in the transaction.
  • Homebuyer must purchase a primary residence in California with the intent to occupy the property as a primary residence.
  • The purchase of the residence must use financing. All-cash purchases will not qualify.
  • The conforming loan on the single-family residence must be at or below the FHA conforming loan limit.
  • Applicant may be approved during the time they are identifying their purchase. The grant will be held for the approved applicant for 90 days only (no extensions).  If the approved applicant is not in escrow within 90 days, the grant will be forfeited immediately and California Desert Association of REALTORS® will process the funds for a new approved applicant.
  • If an approved applicant’s escrow does not close, the funds will be forfeited and returned to California Desert Association of REALTORS® within 5 business days. California Desert Association of REALTORS® will process the funds for a new approved applicant.
  • Grant will be wired directly to escrow company within 3-5 business days.
  • Grants are considered a gift and will not require payback.
  • The grant recipients’ REALTOR® will be encouraged to donate to the California Association of REALTORS® Housing Affordability Fund.
  • The grant recipients’ REALTOR® will be asked to provide a photo to CDAR of the grant recipient(s) in front of their new home, or other appropriate location, for use by CDAR in promotional materials.

For questions about the CDAR Path to Homeownership, please e-mail for more information.