The Desert Area Commercial Information Exchange

When CDAR left CARETS and formed our NEW Member-centric Multiple Listing Service (MLS), CARETS Commercial listings ceased to exist. We are pleased to be able to direct those affected to join Desert Area Commercial Information Exchange (DACIE).

CDAR is one of only 12 Associations in the country to have a fully-dedicated commercial resource like DACIE. We are confident that our Members with commercial listings are in good hands with DACIE – as they’re still in our hands.

For membership information and other questions please contact the CDAR office at 760.346.5637 or go to DACIE’s website at http://www.desertareacie.com.

Desert Area CIE (DACIE): The Source for Desert Cities Commercial Real Estate 

A few reasons to join the community:

  • Search property listings, generate custom reports.
  • Enter listings once, market across dozens of websites.
  • Search posted needs and wants.
  • Send broadcast email.
  • Search recent sales and leases.

See the full list of Member Benefits.

Need help? Please contact the Help Desk for user guides, or phone and email support.

Need training? DACIE offers Online Training Webinars. Please click the link to register for the next available DACIE training session.