CDAR Announces Partnership with Glide

The partnership with Glide, which goes into effect March 1, 2020, will give members free access to an online platform that makes seller disclosures safer and more efficient. Glide provides a step-by-step guided interface for home sellers to complete required seller disclosures more quickly and more accurately.

CDAR is excited to announce that they’ve partnered with Glide to give access to Glide’s powerful online platform for completing seller disclosures to every association member, at no cost. 

When a real estate agent’s client sells their home, the owner is required to accurately complete and submit a number of critical disclosures about the property. As agents know, this means that sellers are presented with forms containing complex legal language that often proves confusing and challenging to complete. As a result, these documents are commonly submitted with incomplete or inaccurate information, making a failure to disclose the #1 cause of home sale lawsuits nationwide.  

Glide addresses these legacy issues by providing a step-by-step online interface that home sellers can use to accurately, quickly, and painlessly provide the required information about the property.  Glide asks home sellers questions about their properties in plain language, making it clear how to disclose important details through user-friendly, conversational interactions and provides inline contextual help to ensure sellers understand everything being asked. In addition to eliminating the frustration of often-confusing forms and delays due to missed questions, unreadable handwriting, and other common issues, Glide allows agents to track their clients’ progress and digitally receive the finished forms as soon as they are completed. The purpose-built solution is also optimized for mobile use.

About Glide

Glide provides software solutions that helps real estate agents simplify their transaction process, reduce risk, and close more deals with less effort. The company’s first release, Glide, allows home sellers to complete required disclosure forms electronically for the first time ever.